Our history curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression. We focus on progression of knowledge and skills as well as discreet vocabulary progression for each unit of work.

At Comberbach Nursery and Primary School, we view History not only as simple facts and dates, but encourage pupils to become detectives who explore the past in an exciting way. History is taught mainly through a topic based approach and gives pupils a chance to explore a wide range of sources from which the past may come alive. This enables our children to make links across subjects which we know ensures deep learning.

History allows our children to compare and contrast, to examine how and why things have changed, to learn about historical characters and expand their research skills. We teach children to be open minded and enquiring thinkers who understand cause and effect. We want them to understand how people have lived in the past, compare this to modern life and understand how events from the past have shaped some of the ways we live today.

We encourage first hand experiences through handling real artefacts, and wherever possible, we arrange visits to relevant sites of historical interest in the region, or bring in specialists for in-school workshops.

Please use your child’s year group curriculum overview to find out what they are learning about each half term!