Reading is at the heart of the curriculum at Comberbach Nursery and Primary School. The high quality texts that are used within our English lessons underpin the topics that are taught each half term. Children are completely immersed within a topic through the texts they engage with; this results in a wider subject knowledge for each topic, and therefore writing by children who have become experts in each topic.

At Comberbach, we are committed to providing an exciting, engaging and progressive English curriculum for our children. We want our children to become enthusiastic, engaged readers and writers who develop a life-long love of books and a passion for writing.

Speaking and listening skills are built into all aspects of the English curriculum, with the aim being that every child is able to communicate their thoughts, ideas and opinions clearly and succinctly, as well as listening to and reflecting on the ideas of others.

Our English curriculum is derived around a sequence of high quality age-appropriate texts. We use each book to create opportunities to develop reading fluency and comprehension with a focus on key reading strategies and skills. These high quality texts are then used as a stimulus to write for a purpose.

To see what each individual class is currently learning in English, please refer to their curriculum overview.

‘Pupils develop a love of reading. Many older pupils read widely and often. Leaders place a strong emphasis on developing pupils’ comprehension skills. Pupils spoke enthusiastically about their favourite books. Some Year 6 pupils said that reading ‘His Dark Materials’helped them to improve their own writing. Pupils use a wide range of vocabulary in their written work.’