Ethos & values

At Comberbach Nursery and Primary School we believe in: 

  • Having Respect
  • Taking Pride
  • Being Curious
  • Trying our Best


Inspire – Believe – Achieve

At Comberbach Nursery and Primary School we value all pupils. We aim to inspire our children by providing them with opportunities to develop self-confidence, enabling them to fulfil their potential.  We do this by engaging them in an enriched and exciting curriculum, providing worthwhile experiences which are motivational, enjoyable and stimulating.

We strive to equip pupils with the skills necessary to access the ever-widening range of knowledge and understanding enabling them to become valued and self-respecting citizens and lifelong learners.

Our purpose is to ensure that every child has the best education possible. To achieve this we believe in the following:

Children learn best when they::

  • Feel happy, secure and confident, and are aware of boundaries.
  • Are interested and motivated by high quality teaching in lessons and in every other part of school life.
  • Achieve success and gain approval, feel valued and are celebrating their own accomplishment and those of others.
  • Are given tasks which closely match their ability.
  • Clearly understand what is expected of them.
  •  Are challenged and stimulated.