Community Garden and Poly tunnel

Each child at Comberbach has the opportunity, throughout the year, to take part in activities to develop our school gardens.

In 2017/18, an amazing team from our local community worked hard, along with staff from school, to create our Community Garden. Since then, we have been using the beds to plant a range of fruit and vegetables which are harvested and sold to the local community.

Recently we have planted and harvested potatoes, peas, carrots, leeks, onions, radishes, lettuce, purple beans, apples and tomatoes! Most of this produce has been sold for a donation, however some have been used in food technology lessons to taste and to cook with.

In 2019, the Friends of Comberbach School used some of the funds they had raised to buy a Poly Tunnel. This is still a new project, and the children are enjoying having the opportunity to work inside it.

The children learn gardening skills through planting seeds, weeding or harvesting produce. As well as this, they understand how food goes from field to fork, and they learn how to attract more birds and insects into our outdoor environment. We are also looking forward to developing the children’s entrepreneurial skills in the future and think about how to extend our produce to the local community.