Friends of Comberbach School (FoCs)

Registered Charity Number: 702131

FoCS is a registered charity formed in 1982 for all members of the school community.  Our chief aim is to raise money that will benefit the children and the school.  There are so many ways to get involved and to help!  By attending our events you are generously donating your time and money and without you we would not raise so much money for the children and school. 

For each event we need people to organise and plan too.  We hold informal meetings about once a month, during term time, where you can come along and share ideas, plan and organise events.  Feel free to join us on a regular basis if you are able, or whenever you can.  

For further information about how you can help, please contact the school office or one of us on the email addresses above.  Thanks!

FOCS Committee:

Chairperson – David Hartley-Chambers

Vicechair – Louise White

Treasurer – Sarah Salomon

Secretary – Rachel Cobley

Communications officer – Lynda Searby

Staff Rep:  Sarah Jones:

Raise free funds by shopping online with – just visit:

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Every time you shop, you’ll earn a donation for us and it won’t cost you a penny!

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